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Brand New Engine Blocks

We are pleased to advise that Marathon Spares has been given the Australian distributorship by Hanson Mechanical for the new flathead engine blocks.

To quote Hanson Mechanical

We are not talking about a rebuilt engine here, we are talking about a brand new fresh out of the foundry L-134 engine block. Yes, really, they now exist. Commence celebrating.

Merlin from Hanson Mechanical, Read more

You can read the full story here and also another good article from the 4 Wheeler Network website "VINTAGE JEEP ENGINE BLOCKS NOW AVAILABLE"

Marathon Features on 4x4 Australia

"Legends are not born; they are created over time: carefully crafted, manually formed, sometimes trained but mostly self-taught and often qualified as a Jack of all trades."

"When it comes to the world of Jeeps, or more specifically World War II army Jeeps, there is no greater legend than Neil Goodridge – owner, operator and hands-on Jeep collector and dealer of Marathon Spares in Tamworth, New South Wales."

Read the whole article with a nice profile on Neil and Marathon Spares. Article on 4x4 Australia

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